September 2015

The Summer of 2015 will soon be a memory, but there’s still plenty of good weather ahead and the beautiful season of Fall just around the corner. The streets of Jamestown have been busy with tourists taking in the site and enjoying all our beautiful town has to offer.

A big “Thank You” to everyone who contributed and participated in our annual “Night At” event held at Fort Getty on August 15th. It was a great night — the food, the band and all the great prizes! A portion of the evenings proceeds have been presented to the “Friends of the Jamestown Seniors” to assist with their ongoing programs.

This month we will be having a joint “Business After Hours” on Thursday September 17th at Jamestown Outdoors and Island Animal at 35 Narragansett Avenue from 5:30pm-7:30pm. Our new website will soon be available and we are planning a group of Business seminars for the fall.

The Jamestown Chamber of Commerce is working hard to promote Jamestown Business. Please remember, while your membership is important , your participation is also essential.

The Jamestown Chamber Board

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